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Maui International Airport

Maui International Airport is Maui Island’s primary center for overseas and interisland flight that bring in passengers seeking to explore the island’s beautiful beaches, natural wonders, the rainforest, some great cuisine, and the Aloha spirit. From tourists on a soul seeking adventure to young couples seeking to tie the knot or on their honeymoon, Maui International Airport welcomes everyone to the Valley Island.


Servicing the Honolulu-Kahului Corridor

Maui Airport offers state-of-the-art facilities for passengers. Spread over 1300 acres the airport consists of two terminals and a separate facility for helicopter operations. For the convenience of passengers, Maui Airport is easy to navigate with a number of friendly staff and information counters to assist passengers at every step of their journey. The Honolulu-Kahului air corridor is one of the busiest air routes, ferrying over 1,600,000 passengers every year. The airport is located three miles east of Kahului, between the West Maui Mountains and Haleakala National Park. Maui Airport covers over 1,300 acres with two intersecting asphalt-paved runways for commercial flights. The helipad caters to several helicopter tour operators that offer tours to those who desire to explore the breathtaking beauty of the ‘Magic Isle’.

Modern facilities for passenger convenience

Kahunui-Airport | Maui Airport | OGGAmong the major airlines serving Maui Airport are Air Canada, American Airlines, US Airways, Continental Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Delta Airlines, to name a few. To meet the demands of passengers, Maui International Airport offers a host of facilities including modern lounges, duty free shops, restaurants, curbside unloading, and more. The airport is disabled-friendly with trained personnel and wheelchair assistance for passengers with disabilities. There are several special information desks that operate between 7:45 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. for the convenience of passengers seeking information on travel-related issues, and to ensure smooth arrival and departures. Passengers can avail of ATM and banking services located at the ticket lobby, baggage claim, and rotunda areas. Most shops and restaurants are open during flight timings. Public parking lots at Maui Airport feature automatic ticket dispensers as well as parking attendants at the entrance to each parking area to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

Travelling to and from Maui Airport

Maui International Airport offers passengers a host of transport facilities. Several car rental kiosks are located at the airport. Passengers can avail of the services of leading car rental services including Avis, Hertiz, and Budget. Buses and minibuses operated by private companies provide a shuttle service to and from the airport to major hotels and resorts around the island. For a $2 fee, the public transit system is the cheapest alternatives available at Maui Airport. Taxi services are also available around the clock for the convenience of passengers.

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