Kahului Airport - Maui Airport Informational Guide to Kahului Airport - OGG - NON OFFICIAL

Kahului Airport Parking

For the convenience of passengers, Kahului Airport has the following parking options: 

Commuter Terminal and Heliport Parking

On the other hand, some pay stations for parking can be found at both the Commuter Terminal and Heliport. Please note that parking is only allowed on a prepaid basis, in that sense prepaid receipts have to be visible on the vehicles dashboard.


- 0 to 15 minutes: free
- 16 to 30 minutes: 1$
- 31 to 60 minutes: 3$
- 61 to 120 minutes: 5$ 
- 121 to 180 minutes: 7$ 
- 181 to 240 minutes: 9$ 
- 241 to 300 minutes: 13$
- 301 to 360 minutes: 15$

Cellular Telephone Waiting Lot

The airport has a special free parking zone, the Cellular Telephone Parking Lot, where drivers can wait to pick up passengers at the arrival terminal for up to one hour without any charge. The free parking lot is located at Hemaloa Street, off Keolani Place and is open from 5 am to 10 pm.

Electric Vehicle Parking

In the main public parking lot, there are parking lots reserved for electric vehicles. Electric vehicle charging stations are also included in the main public parking facilities.